Monday, January 30, 2006

My Adventures in Missing the Point

So this week I am the MOC at my church, "minister on call". I only do it once a year and to be honest I'm not very good at it. I never know what to say to a family facing crisis and I don't really understand the world of many of these people. Today I went to the hospital and visited this woman who was their with her dieing mother. She was suffering on so many levels, angry at God, serious mental disorders and she didn't even know why she called me. So I stumbled through a poor theological explanation for suffering and this broken world we live in. I told I would pray and I am following up later this week. Then I met a family at a hotel who had been evicted from their apartment and hadn't eaten in a few days. I took them groceries and gave them a gift card to the gas station next door to their hotel. I prayed with them and challenged the father to figure out a way to take care of his families financial needs. I got them some financial counseling and am trying to get them into a shelter. So here is my question? - Why am I so bad at dealing with situations like these? Why is this so foreign to me? Why do I feel guilty that only one week a year I am the voice for the lost and deserted of our society?

My dad runs a school for at risk students - He deals everyday with the broken, the poor, the forgotten of our society and he hangs onto the idea that if he could bring one kid out of the ghetto and into a relationship with God and a healthy "normal" life than he has made a difference.

My sister works at a hospital, she now works with rape victims and crack babies. She holds them and prays for them, she counsels the families, she comforts the broken, and speaks hope and love to people in the worst moment of their life.

I sit in a cushy office, I go to lunch at nice places, I worry about whether my message has enough humor this week and I feel like sometimes I miss the point. Sure we have kids in our group who are "at risk" - I know we help the broken but most of the students I work with are more concerned about what video game they will play tomorrow than what they will eat.

I'm thankful to work at a church that has ministries to the broken of society and I'm a little ashamed that my sister and dad who aren't ministers do more for the poor, rejected and "least of these" in our world than I do.

Maybe I should............................................... (wow a million thoughts come to mind)

For tonight - I'll just pray that the Lord will give me opportunity to reach the least of these. Maybe one day this week I won't answer the call from the parent who is worried about her daughters grades as they sit in their million dollar home and maybe I will take one of the people I met today out to lunch!


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