Monday, January 30, 2006

My Biggest Addiction = Morality

Ok some guys are addicted to alcohol, some sex, some crack cocaine, some tobacco, but for me I am addicted to morality. I'm so proud of my morality, so pleased to be able to show it to others, so happy to call upon it and compare myself to others. Could it be that the greatest addiction we find in the church is the addiction to morality. We have all become so concerned with looking good, saying the right thing, living the "right" way that we have forgotten that Jesus did none of this. People called Jesus a glutton and a drunk , a friend to sinners. He constantly had his hands on something that would make my morality addiction shake go into convulsions and need a few weeks of repentnce to deal with. He had his hands on a glass of wine, he had his hands on the shoulder of the prostitute or on the eyes of a blind man. He had no regard for what people thought of him and he simply loved. I hold onto my morality as if it is the crowning achievement of my life. My greatest achievement will never be the people, or things that I chose not to touch but it will be the people that I chose to touch. With no regard to what others think or believe and with no worries about how I appear. Jesus = freedom - not the freedom to sin but the freedom from addiction even the freedom for those of you like me who are addicted to our morality.


At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may sound rather simple but to look at everyone, every situation through Jesus's eyes, and always look at someone and every situation with the heart of Christ. Never with my heart, my feelings, myself, but Christ's love.


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