Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I was reviewing my notes from Mark Driscoll's book - which is a must read for you guys who are in ministry. He talks about how God used his people in exile to connect them to a culture. He breaks down the story of Daniel who is exiled but has an incredible impact on the world around him. Tonight, I had a flat tire on my car and called triple A to come and change it. My mechanical abilities are about as good as the cowboys who got voted off American Idol tonight. Up to our house pulled a man who epitomizes my home state of Kentucky. I have in the past, for some reason had a rough time connecting to the "y'all" - saying - mullet wearing folks in my town. Tonight, I simply made small talk as he like others in the past (sorry dad) tried to teach me how to change a tire. I didn't have the heart to tell him I knew how to do it but also knew it would take me 3 hours and him 10 minutes. I really liked the guy, he was funny, kind and seemed to have a great spirit about him. I'm sure he is not accepting Christ tonight but I am learning to connect to a culture I don't understand and or appreciate in any way ( you will never here me use the words Dale Jr is gonna win this weekend.) I have taught our 6th graders for the past 2 weeks and talk about an exile, I have no idea what is going on in a 6th grade boys head. I think the only 3 thoughts are get candy, farts are funny and girls make me feel all tingely. Maybe you feel like you have been exiled to a foreign land - spend some time trying to learn the culture around you. Especially the ones you don't understand. It appears that sometimes God uses our "captivity" in a strange culture as his "opportunity" to change lives.


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